It’s all about those sleeves

Jumper: £29.99, Zara. Jeans: Zara (old). Boots: Tabitha Simmons (old but buy similar here). Bag: £64.50, Aurora London. Photographs: Ella Sadika

We’ve been playing with proportion for a few years now. And sleeves made a huge comeback in the summer, but now I’ve totally fallen. True, I’ve always loved a dress with sleeves but now it’s about the bell sleeves in particular. And I love that it has now moved into knitwear, and couldn’t resist this jumper in Zara last week.

Obviously, you’ll have to avoid spaghetti, ketchup and most sauced based foods (this will probably not be coming with me to Venice), but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

Luckily for me, this photo was taken before the really cold weather set in, so we could actually take pictures sans coat so you can see the sleeves. Everyday since this I have been wrapped up firmly in a parka (hood up).

These boots, I must admit, were the biggest indulgence of my life. But I love them and have no regrets, just held back on quite a few nights out! They are like slippers now and add a real flair to a plain outfit – and I always get asked about them. I cut off my jeans at the ankle to wear with boots (hence why these are the Zara, not my MiH jeans, as wasn’t sure how they would turn out!), another great idea I stole from Ms Fantacci from Wearing It Today. I went so wonky but the frayed edging means it doesn’t actually matter.

In hair news, basically, I’m going blonder. Yep, I thought I’d try and find my natural colour but it turns out it’s 70% grey…so I’m going to try and embrace it and eventually go grey…but baby steps (and one Lockonego is helping me with – I promise I don’t get free haircuts!).

Watch: Rotary. Bag: £64.50, Aurora London (and you can have it monogrammed for £22)


  1. Looking great as always Alex, I love the bell sleeves and the blonder hair really suits you! I can't wait to see it become grey. I also love your glasses! Have you done the Bailey Nelson draw yet? xx

  2. Hi Alex – love the jumper! I have that one too and it's fab, Just a bit different to an ordinary "sweater"! Brave move re the hair! Am sure that it will look great on you – so quite sure so much against my own, 45 year old, face!!!

  3. You look fantastic. I love everything, this is my kind of look. I really like the latest specs too. I have just indulged and bought some Acne Jenson boots. I must say it hurt a bit but I think they are so worth it and will be worn to death. H x

  4. Hi Alex
    Firstly, I'd just like to say I Love love LOVE your blog!! Always look forward to reading your posts. Secondly, can I ask on your Aurora bag, did you have your initials engraved as the laser cut option or the gold foil option?

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