Warehouse: a new era

I’ve been getting excited about Warehouse now for a while…
It’s a store I should have been shopping in, but for some reason I wasn’t but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. But slowly I have been reconsidering, as I had learnt about the new creative vision (from Alasdhair Willis, whose eye has also been turning around Hunter into a British powerhouse) and the appointment of Emma Cook as Design Director. And now the new brand image has been fully unveiled, with a new, exciting Look for A/W and I can’t wait to start shopping.
What I would point out as well, as music to all of our ears, is that the new look doesn’t seem to have come with a hefty price tag. There are some more luxey expensive coats in the collection but generally, the prices seem to have stayed High Street. Hooray!

A little bit Marni, a little androgynous and very modern…I can see a lot of this in my wardrobe and I love the ditsy floral prints in particular. All hail the new Warehouse and let’s hope it’s the start of a beautiful new relationship between the brand and my closet.

1. Skirt: coming soon, Warehouse

2. Metal hoop earrings: Ā£10, Warehouse

3. Dungarees: coming soon, Warehouse

4. Cotton top: Ā£35, Warehouse

5. Tunic: Ā£45, Warehouse

6. Shearling car coat: Ā£695, Warehouse

7. Jumper: coming soon, Warehouse 

8. Jacket: coming soon, Warehouse


    1. Hi Louise, weirdly I love it…I think you need to look at individual pieces than the styled looks perhaps – the lovely poplin blue shirt and the dungarees in my edit. We're often stuck in our little fashion bubble but I really think taken out away from the Look Book looks there are some great pieces x

    1. Hmm, still not convinced about the zebra print skirt or the patch pocket on the dress. I do like the dungarees, cotton top and grey jumper (I'd already seen & pinned this) in your edit though. Each to their own, but for me, Warehouse's new offerings generally miss the mark for me. Love your blog though, and your style is usually up my street. I'm just not keen on this particular batch ?

  1. Hi Alex! I'm considering purchasing Isabel Marant Farlow Loafers and I'm concerned about their sizing, so coul you please help me with this? Do they run small or big? What number (French) did you get and what UK size are you usually? Thanks a lot.


    1. I normally really enjoy reading the different opinions within comments about the clothes. However I think it is important to remember that there are more polite ways to comment on blog posts when stating whether an item of clothing is to your taste.

  2. I agree, not my cup of tea either. Warehouse was in need of a revamp….but the shot of the model wearing the burnt orange coat and those jeans!! And the cape with those popper jeans and sandals. Talk about unflattering. Also, if I was going to be spending Ā£695 on a coat I would be treating myself to something designer/between high end high street and designer, not heading to Warehouse. Holly.

    1. I agree about the coat price, it was just a nice piece to show and didn't want to hide the price…but the rest of the range has really stayed affordable. I really think though, as a stylist, it's about deconstructing the pieces. The Look Book images are designed to draw in a fashion crowd but a lot of the individual pieces, deconstructed, are really wearble. What did you think of my edit, for example…? That's why I do it – I have the eye to edit out the unnecessary…..x

    2. Hi Alex. My comment was directed towards Warehouse, not you – I read your blog daily and really like what you do. I do find it kind of frustrating though that the creative/design team seem to be working only with the so called fashion crowd in mind, as you say….that's not to say 'the rest of us' don't appreciate fashion too, even if we wouldn't wear some of these looks. And surely there are more of us in that category – it's just not practical for many of us to wear some of these combinations in our everyday lives, but we still want to look stylish and current – why not cater for that?! I get that these looks need to be inspirational/aspirational, but I really don't think they're going to be hitting that mark for a lot of people. Absolutely you have an eye but I think that's a separate thing from the design of these clothes themselves. Again, the coat comment wasn't aimed at you, I just think it's a bit crazy that Warehouse have priced it that way…we're all much more aware now of how the fashion business works and I think generally when shopping on the high street you look for value for money because if one store isn't offering that you can easily go to another brand and get something great that is. It's different for designer pieces because I think you're buying into a name and a history there, and the idea of luxury. Maybe they're hoping to attract a bit of Topshop Boutique's customer base here, but for me Warehouse just isn't cutting it in the same way. Phew! This post really seems to have raised a response!! šŸ™‚

    3. I think Warehouse have to make their Look Book appeal to the fashion crowd at first so that they write about it, and then it infiltrates people's minds and then we all go shop there and buy normal stuff! It's a strange system but one that has been happening for years – the Prada ads are always mad with greasy sticky hair but we all want those bags….I think time will tell, it is a risky move for Warehouse and I think it could be a new, affordable Whistles – fingers crossed! No offence taken, I just want people to give Warehouse a chance as I really believe in it! xx

  3. Warehouse has been my fave shop for years now – I could walk in knowing I'd be happy wearing pretty much everything in there. How uncool do I feel now having read various articles this week on how it was in desperate need of a revamp! Anyway I agree with the comments it does all look pretty hideous together but also agree with Alex that individually the pieces could work. So jury's out for me. A bugbear of mine though – why do Warehouse style their models with greasy hair and heroin chic makeup? I find it really offputting (but maybe again I'm just not cool…)

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